Helix Ventures Working to Grow Leading Edge Fundraising

BRECKSVILLE, OHIO – Helix Ventures and Leading Edge Fundraising announced their partnership with the initiative to help build a fundraising culture that creates optimism and success.

“We are thrilled about our collaboration with Leading Edge Fundraising. It’s inspiring to witness an organization making a significant impact on youth programs, high school sports, and college athletics through its streamlined digital fundraising platform,” said Roger Jones of Helix Ventures. “Leveraging their in-house technology, we’re eager to create a sponsorship initiative enabling brands to connect with a dynamic audience while positively influencing community programs and sports organizations nationwide.”

As a nationwide organization, Leading Edge merges top-notch products with decades of expertise. Their consultative fundraising approach ensures clients receive optimal products, precisely when needed, tailored to their requirements. Leading Edge offers a personalized local presence, ensuring you have a committed fundraising leader guiding their clients every step of the way.

“We’re happy to partner with Helix Ventures for sponsorship opportunities.  We feel like this will be a great way to add value to the teams and programs we work with across the country,” said Scott McMaster, co-owner of Leading Edge. “Sponsorship opportunities will allow us to continue to upgrade our technology capabilities and keep us at the leading edge of fundraising technology.  We’re excited for what’s to come!”

With over 2.5 million users Leading Edge has a large footprint in digital fundraising that helps its clients raise more money and reaches a wider audience. The Leading Edge program combines great products and industry-leading technology with no upfront costs or minimums that is 100-percent risk-free.

If you are interested in being a part of Leading Edge’s fundraising efforts or teaming up as a sponsor to help facilitate brands to engage with a vibrant audience while positively impacting community programs and sports organizations across the nation, reach out to Roger Jones, Todd Gladson, and Scott McMaster.

Think Leading Edge, Think Helix!


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